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My opinion about bird role in garden

As long as I live in Hawai my garden seemed to be as glorious,exotic and colorful as nature of these islands.Taking care about all kinds of flowers,keeping the shape of raws and beds took all my time and attention.Even it was enjoyable work I missed something I was used to at my previous home in Europe.However plants are beautifule there is a big difference between them and us.

What is it?
They are not moving!
Of course there are some obvious motions in plant world, but these are made by growing,ossmosis or physics response of cells on outer conditions.

Ability to move has a lot in common with ability to feel and to express feelings.Therefore I think the birds are closer to us then flowers.Therefor I think they have an important role in our garden.This is close to what I read from ornitologist J.J.Audubon.Trying to make our garden to be nice and wonderful place not only for us but for their inhabitans as well.
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For best results, flowers should be dried before fully open. When drying flowers, hang them upside down in low-light (light will fade your flowers) but in a setting containing good ventilation. After they are completely dry, spray them with hair spray so they’ll keep their position.

Cut flowers from your garden in the morning for best results. Before arranging them in a vase, recut them at an angle under running water. Place them in a vase of lukewarm water, preferably with a packet of floral preservatives. You can also put 7-Up in the water, which acts as a plant food. Keep cut flowers out of direct sunlight and away from fruit.